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On April 10, 2019, Tech 4 Talk was invited by Lisa Anderson, Assistant Superintendent, to present its pilot program to the Board of the Yuma Union High School District.  During this presentation, Jeffery Cathey announced the donation of 10 iPads, applications, and headsets for the new 2019/20 school year. With the goal of acquiring further knowledge about the impact this technology could have on the supplementation of speech therapy for Yuma's High School Students. 

Of the presentation, Assistant Superintendent, Lisa Anderson said, “Jeffery Cathey is an inspiration. His presentation to the board was heartfelt and meaningful, and his company will provide students in our district, who are in need, an opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art technology as a supplement for their work with Speech Pathologists. We believe in the work, and are excited to partner with Tech4Talk” (

Sincere Appreciation to Lisa Anderson and the other Board members for their support and partnership.  Additionally, without the help of Yuma Union High School District's Suman Pangasa, Executive Director, Student Services, Victoria Doiron, Compliance Coordinator, none of this could be possible.  

Finally, it is through the insights and experience of Yuma Speech Pathologist, Andrea Gardenhire, that the pilot program will come to be in the 2019/20 school year.   Through Andrea Gardenhire's guidance Tech 4 Talk's vision and knowledge will evolve and reach it's goal. Truly, Andrea Gardenhire embodies the speech professional in a rural community who is dedicated to improving the lives of her students, whom Tech 4 Talk strives to support and recognize.   Tech 4 Talk is greatly appreciative of the opportunity to have her expertise and support.


Andrea Gardehire, MS. SLP  & Jeffery Cathey

Yuma Union Unified High School's 04/10/19 Board Meeting

 Jeffery Cathey presenting  to

Yuma Union Unified High School's 04/10/19 Board Meeting

Lisa Anderson, Assistant Superintendent