Who are we?

Jeffery Cathey


The vision for Tech 4 Talk came from Jeffery Cathey's life experience. At 3 years old he was diagnosed with severe speech dysfluency. Because of good fortune he has had the ability to receive speech therapy in the public school system, which helped him to better manage his speech impairment. To honor the speech professionals that made a difference in his life, while in high school Jeffery Cathey volunteered his time at a pediatric speech therapy center. It was here where he developed a passion for exploring how speech therapy can be enhanced through technology. And, it is how he came to establish Tech 4 Talk with the goal of providing speech professionals serving children and teens  in public schools, especially in rural communities, with state of the art technological tools to assist with their demanding case load.  

While actively managing his plans and commitments for Tech 4 Talk, Jeffery Cathey is a student on the Dean's List at Arizona State University pursuing a B.S. in Finance and Construction Management. 

Laura Corr

Director of Educational Outreach

As a professional educator (i.e., science and special education teacher) with over 20 years of experience teaching elementary and high school in the public school system, Laura Corr knows first hand the financial and resource challenges that today's schools face. Additionally, through her own life experiences, being born in a small town in Mexico, Laura has benefited from the example set by educators in rural communities. She understands their struggle to provide their students with the best possible level of education with limited resources.


It is the commitment and spirit of these educators that inspired Laura Corr to also become an instructor who transforms the lives of others. For this reason, Laura Corr has dedicated her life to assisting special needs students and their families. And, she is currently leaving a legacy of support and service to special education with her role as a full time faculty member of Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at their Yuma, Arizona campus. Here she is developing future educators and leaders who will continue to make a difference for special needs students.  


Laura Corr has a M.Ed in Special Education. And, in addition to her work as an education instructor, Laura Corr is the Program Manager for the American Dream Academy in Yuma, Arizona. Through this role she is promoting the development of disadvantaged teens and their parents, so that they can pursue higher education. With guidance and scholarship opportunities, Laura Corr's execution of the American Dream Academy has helped many families achieve the realization of a college education for their children.


Consequently, it is Laura Corr's years of experience in education and community outreach, that is helping to hone the vision and objectives of Tech 4 Talk. And, through Laura Corr's expertise, Tech 4 Talk is able to make connections with schools and speech professionals that can benefit from the use of technological tools to supplement the speech therapy that they provide to the children in their community.

Sonya Granillo-Cathey

Executive Vice President of Development

As a mother who did not have the benefit of today's technological tools to assist her son learn to manage his speech dysfluency, Sonya Granillo-Cathey recognizes just how invaluable such a tool could have been.  She also recognizes how fortunate her family was to be able to have access to the speech therapy that her son needed. Which has made such a positive impact upon his life and future. For these reasons, when Jeffery asked her to help support his Tech 4 Talk vision, without hesitation she joined his cause.

As an individual whose extended family is from a small rural town in Arizona, Sonya Granillo-Cathey knows too of the challenges faced by educators and schools in these communities who have limited access to the resources they need.  And, for this reason she has a special place in her heart for these individuals. 

Sonya Granillo-Cathey helps to develop Tech 4 Talk with her plus 20 years of experience in business administration and leadership. Sonya Granillo-Cathey currently is a Sr. Director of Human Resources for a large family owned Company that is  head-quartered in Arizona, and operates in multiple states throughout the Southwest. She also has been a human resources executive for publicly traded fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Sonya Granillo-Cathey has a B.A. in Business Administration from California State University, and a M.S. in Human Resources Development from Villanova University.  She also holds the SPHR (Senior Professional Human Resources) certification.